School of Painting

Painting remains an important mean of expression and communication in an era dominated by the new media. The linguistic pluralism that characterises our time asks artists to be able to develop their own research through traditional technics and also creating and trying new expressive languages. Painting is an ancient expressive form that makes use of different means and disclose herself through various materials, by virtue of complex and fascinating procedures whose knowledge help the artist and let him translate his own creativity into images.


The School of Painting - one of the traditional courses of the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara under the Visual Arts Department - is structured into two chairs managed by two professors each. As all the other fields of education of the Academy, the Painting course is divided in a three-years period first-level academic diploma and a two-years period second-level degree.


The courses of the First-level Academic Diploma in Painting are aimed at the acquisition of a design methodology and of an activity inclination that allows the development of individual creative paths. They provide an integrated training at operational, methodological and critical level, attending a painting workshop and courses such as Painting Techniques, Techniques and Technologies for Painting, Chromatology, Anatomy, Drawing, Graphic and Engraving Disciplines, Photography, Design Methodology as well as various theoretical disciplines concerning historical, artistic and cultural fields. Students can also choose two optional courses among those offered at any field of the Academy and can attend stages, workshops, internships in work or cultural realities settled in the territory.


The courses of the Second-level Academic Diploma in Painting offer a specialist level training path designed for students who have already obtained an academic degree. Courses focus on semantic contexts which characterize the whole training path, in a view of "cultured manual skills", which also aims to consolidate those essential knowledges, skills and abilities to use Painting as a language.


In the two-year Advanced Course, teachings aim at the definition and development of individual creative paths and it is composed of workshops supported by theoretical and critical lessons, providing, as a goal, deep knowledge of the technological and methodological apparatus of the discipline together with its historical and conceptual foundations.


Both the Bachelor’s and the Advanced Degree students participate to educational projects, competitions, local, national and international exhibitions promoted by painting professors themselves, the Academy of Fine Arts or other institutions.

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